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This study aimed to design a digital game-based adventure education (GILT) course for team-building purposes. The six traditional activities chose from adventure education were developed into six digital games and were integrated as a coherent face-to-face interactive course. In the course, participants can enhance interpersonal interactions, learn the themes and issues adventure education attempts to deliver, and train their problem-solving abilities with digital games. Thirty teenagers aged between 19 and 25 in Taiwan were invited to participant the course. Four aspects were evaluated with questionnaire in this study and the results show that the participants have positive attitudes toward the learning themes of adventure education, problem-solving abilities, interpersonal interactions, and game effectiveness about the six digital games in the GILT course.


Adventure education Digital game-based learning problem-solving Interpersonal relationship.

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Lin, C.-H., & Shih, J.-L. (2015). Evaluations to the gamification effectiveness of digital game-based adventure education course -- GILT. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 11(3).