If you want to submit a paper for a particular number you must consider at least two months before the new issue, otherwise the paper will be allocated in next issue slot of the peer review process.

The journal doesn't levy any charges (for the article processing, submission and publication) - Submission is free. This means that anyone can send a paper that will be revised according to the journal’s rules.

Author must use the paper model to follow the Editorial Guidelines

In case of inadequacy with the formal requirements of the contributions will be rejected without being sent to reviewers.

Je-LKS requires that a paper must follow some characteristics:

  • an abstract (maximum 250 words)
  • the contribution;
  • notes, bibliography, tables, pictures, awards, etc..

The entire document MUST NOT EXCEED 40,000 characters (including spaces).

Please note: in case of non-compliance with the requirements the job will be rejected.

The paper MUST BE ANONYMOUS, the authors name and affiliation must not appear near the title, on the references or their biographical notes.


  • Point your web browser at the Je-LKS Submissione section of the Open Journal System website in the main menu; 
  • Login with your credential or You will be asked to register and qualify as Author and to provide the necessary details about yourself;
  • After registration and login go to the User Home section;
  • In the main page go to the Author section and click on the New Submission link;
  • Provide all information required and then upload the file containing you work.
  • In the Author section you will see all your manuscript and the status of them.
  • After reviewing you can review it (indeed you must review your work) before final submission. You should then receive a prompt acknowledgement and you will be kept in touch with progress through the review and (hopefully) acceptance.

The publishing and submission system is the well known Open Journal System (OJS) so you can retrieve more information on the OJS site.

Charges, Article processing charges
Every journal must display clearly on its web site information about any charges for an author to process or publish a paper. This includes article processing charges (APCs), submission charges, page charges, colour charges or any instance where money is required to complete the publication process. If a journal does not levy any charges then this too must be clearly stated. These are basic requirements for entry into DOAJ.