Published: Apr 1, 2006

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Read Statistic: 481


Carlo Giovannella
Read Statistic: 261

How to design an open(source) e-learning platform. The ADA experience

Stefano Penge, Maurizio Mazzoneschi, Morena Terraschi
Read Statistic: 275

Accessible and Adaptive e-Learning

Greg Gay
Read Statistic: 282

Computerised Content Analysis for Measuring Critical Thinking within Discussion Forums

Stephen Corich, Kinshuk Hunt, Lynn Hunt
Read Statistic: 431

Design of Collaborative Learning Environments: bridging the gap between CSCL theories and Open Source Platforms

Antonio Calvani, Antonio Fini, Maria Chiara Pettenati, Luigi Sarti, Maurizio Masseti
Read Statistic: 427

Using Many Wikis for Collaborative Writing

Ng S.T. Chong, Michihiro Yamamoto
Read Statistic: 241

A Framework for Ontology Instructional Design and Planning

Rachid Benlamri, Jawad Berri, Yacine Atif
Read Statistic: 305

An Intelligent Agent and an Adaptive Search Engine to support tutoring activities on-line

Orlando De Pietro, Carmelo Piu, Maurizio De Rose, Giovanni Frontera
Read Statistic: 286

Using Information Retrieval to Detect Conflicting Questions

Hicham Hage, Esma Aimeur
Read Statistic: 265

Introducing a Moodle LMS in Higher Education: the e-Courses Experience in Ticino (Switzerland)

Luca Botturi, Lorenzo Cantoni, Stefano Tardini
Read Statistic: 266

A kindergarten experiment in linguistic e-learning

Andrea Valente, Emanuela Marchetti
Read Statistic: 282