Vol. 14, No. 2 (2018)

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society

Focus: Teacher Induction: what can we learn from International Practices?

Published: Jun 18, 2018

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The Issue

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Giuseppina Rita Mangione, Maria Chiara Pettenati
Read Statistic: 275

Governing a State-wide Induction Program: Characteristics and Success Conditions of the Italian Model

Davide D'Amico, Giuseppina Rita Mangione, Maria Chiara Pettenati
Read Statistic: 382

Management of Novice Teachers' Induction to the Profession: Modernization of the Russian School Methodological System

Roza Valeeva, Tatyana Baklashova, Liliya Latypova
Read Statistic: 468

Initial Teacher Training and the National Plan for Digital Education (NOP - ESF)

Samuele Calzone, Rosa Di Gioia, Valentina Pappalardo
Read Statistic: 378

Teachers Induction and Digital Culture. The case of Southern Italy Teachers attending TFA

Fedela Feldia Loperfido, Anna Dipace, Katia Caposeno, Alessia Scarinci, Jarmo Viteli
Read Statistic: 491

Education for Diversity in Initial Teacher Preparation Programmes: a Comparative International Study

Maria Cristina Cardona, Renata Tichà, Brian Abery
Read Statistic: 594

Designing an effective and scientifically grounded e-learning environment for Initial Teacher Education: the Italian University Line Model

Fausto Benedetti
Read Statistic: 520

Promoting Digital and Media Competences of pre- and in-Service Teachers. Research Findings of a Project from six European Countries

Maria Ranieri, Isabella Bruni
Read Statistic: 585

Heritage Education and Initial Teacher Training: an International Experience

Antonella Poce, Francesco Agrusti, Maria Rosaria Re
Read Statistic: 631

Initial Teacher Education and Learning English at Primary School in Tuscany: Creative Perspectives, Current Challenges, and Possible Approaches

Elizabeth Guerin
Read Statistic: 384

Online TESOL Teacher Education: outcome of a Pilot Project

Serafina Filice, Deana Bardetti
Read Statistic: 501

Model for Measuring the Implementation of Online Programs in Higher Education

Diana Marcela Cardona-Román, Jenny Marcela Sánchez-Torres, Josep Duart
Read Statistic: 440