Published: Aug 12, 2016

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Editorial: the special issue

Tommaso Minerva
Read Statistic: 250

Flipped Classroom: the point of view of the students

Stefania Della Sciucca, Valentina Fochi
Read Statistic: 418

Design and performance evaluation of a virtualized Moodle-based e-learning environment

Mario Manzo
Read Statistic: 404

Backward design in-service training blended curriculum to practitioners in social work as coach in the P.I.P.P.I. program

Diego Di Masi, Paola Milani
Read Statistic: 373

E-training for the CLIL teacher: e-tutoring and cooperation in a Moodle-based community of learning

Maria De Santo, Anna De Meo
Read Statistic: 479

Self-Efficacy: a booster for pedagogical innovation

Francesca Oddone
Read Statistic: 345

Distributed TPACK What kind of teachers does it work for?

Nicoletta Di Blas
Read Statistic: 694

Online Physics laboratory for University courses

Daniela Amendola, Cristina Miceli
Read Statistic: 410

A curriculum-based approach to blended learning

Linda Joy Mesh
Read Statistic: 374

“The fun they had” or about the quality of MOOC

Patrizia Maria Margherita Ghislandi
Read Statistic: 702

Teaching Cultural Heritage using Mobile Augmented Reality

Corrado Petrucco, Daniele Agostini
Read Statistic: 2108

Induction and professional development of teachers. Pilot experience of Newly Qualified Teachers 2014/2015

Giuseppina Rita Mangione, Maria Chiara Pettenati, Alessia Rosa, Patrizia Magnoler, Pier Giuseppe Rossi
Read Statistic: 572

An online Vygotskian learning activity model in mathematics

Giovannina Albano, Umberto Dello Iacono, Giuseppe Fiorentino
Read Statistic: 369