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The relationship between augmented reality, mobile learning, gamification and non-formal education methods provide a great potential. The AR-CIMUVE Augmented Reality for the Walled Cities of the Veneto is an original project in collaboration with Italia Nostra and other associations which deal with transmitting our cultural heritage and which teach primary and middle school children the cultural and historical importance of the Veneto’s and the surrounding territories’ walled cities. In this learning experience students will explore how our environment has developed across the ages using the mobile devices with the technical back-up of the AR App. This will allow them to see maps, examine data, 3D models and will enable them to judge and improve their skills. From a pedagogical and educational point of view the emphasis is on a constructivist social-cultural approach which helps students to become active citizens more aware of their historical identity.


Augmented Reality Cultural Heritage education

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Corrado Petrucco, University of Padua - Italy

FISPPA - Dept.
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Petrucco, C., & Agostini, D. (2016). Teaching Cultural Heritage using Mobile Augmented Reality. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 12(3).