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Digital skills especially those related to Information Literacy, are today considered fundamental to the education of students, both at school and at university. Searching and evaluating information found on the Internet is surely an important competency. An effective way to develop this competency is to educate students about the development of critical thinking. The article presents a qualitative-quantitative survey conducted during a course in Educational Technologies within a five year Degree program. The outcomes of the survey reveal some interesting behaviors and perceptions of students when they are faced with the Web search process and the characteristics of their critical thinking processes: some aspects of critical thinking are generally well-supported, but others are acquired only after specific training. Experience shows that if properly motivated by metacognitive reflections and a clear method, students can actually critically evaluate the information presented online, the sources, and the sustainability of the arguments found. positive results also occurred when the evaluation process was done in a collaborative modality.


Information Literacy critical thinking digital competences

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Corrado Petrucco, University of Padua - Italy

FISPPA - Dept.

Cinzia Ferranti, University of Padua - Italy

FISPPA - Dept.
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Petrucco, C., & Ferranti, C. (2017). Developing Critical Thinking in online search. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 13(3).