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This paper describes part of a broader research aimed to investigate the possibility of using, an e-learning platform to implement the Vygoskijan educational model, based on mediation and peer interactions, for mathematics education. We define a Learning Activity model within a Digital Interactive Storytelling in Mathematics and report how it has been implemented using Moodle. The activity uses both experiential and discursive approaches to mathematics learning and foresees individual and social tasks. The implementation exploited some features of Moodle Lesson and GeoGebra to define two new types of questions with automatic assessment: one allowing the student to interact with graphical objects and then to conjecture and test; one other allows to construct sentences starting from a given set of word-blocks (approaching the automatic assessment of open-ended questions).


Mathematics Digital Storytelling Moodle GeoGebra Vygotskij

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Albano, G., Dello Iacono, U., & Fiorentino, G. (2016). An online Vygotskian learning activity model in mathematics. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 12(3).

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