Antonio Fini
Read Statistic: 351

The RDA of Standards for a Healthy e-Learning System

Wolfgang Greller, John Casey
Read Statistic: 289

Personal Learning Environments: Challenging the dominant design of educational systems

Scott Wilson, Oleg Liber, Mark Johnson, Phil Beauvoir, Paul Sharples, Colin Milligan
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E-portfolio: the DNa of the Personal Learning Environment?

Graham Attwell
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Open Educational Resources and Practices

Leigh Blackall
Read Statistic: 234

Saxef: A System for Automatic eXtraction of E-learning object Features

Leigh Blackall, Paul Sharples, Paul Sharples
Read Statistic: 275

Shifting from traditional LMSs to Virtual Community Systems

Luigi Colazzo, Andrea Molinari
Read Statistic: 246

3is: Enhancing Learning and Teaching Activity through the Manipulation of Objects

Jevon Brunk, Maurizio Caporali, Elisa Rubegni
Read Statistic: 236

I-Questions of the lesson indexed in a WIS oriented to the e-learning

Carmelo Piu, Orlando De Pietro, Maurizio De Rose
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The failure of e-learning: why should we use a learner centred design

Maria Petronilla Penna, Vera Stara, Maurizio De Rose
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The Web 2.0 at the TICEMED 2007 Conference

Maria Ranieri, Giuseppina Rita Mangione
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