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In the present work a tool called Indexed Questions (IQ), integrated in the system of the indexed lesson object of a previous work is described. It allows the learner to ask queries online with the possibility to link them to an index that directly goes to the interested video-lesson part. These queries once stored in the database, appropriately organised by the teaching team, will enrich the system knowledge base, guaranteeing at the same time high levels of interactivity. Following the didactic paradigm of the WIS-learning the tool object of the present work wants to underline the development of a system that overcomes the classical tools today present in the e-learning environment, that is able to enrich the information share between the learners and able to increase the interactions with the teacher, favouring the attainment of the main aims at the basis of the constructivist model. According to the IQ system, the learner has moreover at his/her disposal various access modalities to the IQ catalog, according to the following dimensions: time dimension, semantics dimension, IQ pushing dimension. fl at-access dimension. Finally, in the application, the teachers possibility of communication in direct chat from the video-lesson web page has been anticipated, that happens automaticaly following the activation on the part of the teacher.

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Piu, C., De Pietro, O., & De Rose, M. (2009). I-Questions of the lesson indexed in a WIS oriented to the e-learning. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 3(2).