An Intelligent Agent and an Adaptive Search Engine to support tutoring activities on-line

Orlando De Pietro, Carmelo Piu, Maurizio De Rose, Giovanni Frontera


Concentrating our attention on the interaction tools in a web learning environment, an open source software system, called TutorBot which can be implemented in any e-learning platform supporting the tutoring activities on line, is described in the present work. This software is included among the category of intelligent agents and can be used as an interface between student and knowledge base to allow fl exible and effective forms of tutoring on line. The essential aspect is moreover the integration of an Adaptive Search Engine (ASE) with TutorBot, that allows to provide for possible lack of information that may be found in the knowledge base, but above all thanks to the used adaptivity techniques, guarantees high levels of personalisation taking into account the user’s profi le during the interaction phases

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