Vol. 19 No. 3 (2023)

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society

Special Issue on "Rethinking education in the age of AI"

Published: Oct 31, 2023

Second Cover

Read Statistic: 79

Re-thinking Education in the Age of AI

I-IV Stefano Greco, Letizia Cinganotto
Read Statistic: 137

The Impact of the EU Development Policy in Indian Higher Education: the EDUREFOM Project and the Socio-economic Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a Case Study

11-18 Stefano Greco
Read Statistic: 197

Perceptions and reactions of Indian student teachers engaged in a CLIL Teacher Training Mobility Programme in Italy

19-29 Letizia Cinganotto
Read Statistic: 166

On importance of young learners’ cognitive abilities: the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s perspective

30-35 Gunta Rozina, Indra Karapetjana, Marina Losevica
Read Statistic: 118

Artificial intelligence and higher education: a systematic visualizations based review

36-42 Madhavi Shamkuwar, Priya Jindal, Rahul More , Pandurang Patil, Pravin Mahamuni
Read Statistic: 533

Artificial Intelligence: Exploring the Attitude of Secondary Students

43-48 Kalyani Pande, Vaibhav Jadhav, Mahesh Mali
Read Statistic: 1144

An analytical study on integration of pedagogy and technology in secondary science classes of India during COVID-19

49-58 Chaitali Sarangi, Tanushri Mohanta, Moumita Pradhan, Nibedita Guru
Read Statistic: 238

Unpacking the MOOC experience: insights from Indian Postgraduate Students in Education

59-64 Shama P. Ansari, Ashutosh Biswal
Read Statistic: 144

From Textbooks to Chatbots: Integrating AI in English literature classrooms of India

65-73 Debanjali Roy, Tanmoy Putatunda
Read Statistic: 753

Microlearning strategies for teacher professional development in the era of fourth industrial revolution in India

74-81 Nidhi Waldia, Sanjeev Sonawane, Mahesh Mali, Vaibhav Jadhav
Read Statistic: 539

Creating Videos: A Pedagogic Tool for 21st Century Teachers of India

82-86 Meenal Arora
Read Statistic: 112

Attitude of Undergraduate students towards Sketchnoting activity in classroom

87-91 Pooja Singh, Jyotika Guleria
Read Statistic: 137

Open book environment for enhancing the thinking skills in the Indian pre-service social studies teachers

92-98 A.V. Jayalakshmi, Ashutosh Biswal
Read Statistic: 114

Augmented Reality and education: a comprehensive review and analysis of methodological considerations in empirical studies

99-109 Manisha, Shubham Gargrish
Read Statistic: 479

A mixed method study of strategies adopted by postgraduate teachers to mitigate the impact of the digital divide

110-118 Vidyanand S. Khandagale
Read Statistic: 227

Adapting design of Learning Spaces for Education 4.0: a case of architectural institutions in India

119-130 Roopali Kansal, Payal Bassi
Read Statistic: 311