Published: Sep 27, 2016

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Nicola Villa
Read Statistic: 160

When emotions enhance students’ engagement in e-learning processes

Francesca D'Errico, Marinella Paciello, Luca Cerniglia
Read Statistic: 567

Inclusive digital online environments as a device for pedagogic differentiation: a taxonomy proposal

Angélica Monteiro, Carlinda Leite
Read Statistic: 198

Cognitive responsive e-assessment of constructive e-learning

Guadalupe Elizabeth Morales-Martinez, Ernesto Octavio Lopez-Ramirez
Read Statistic: 309

The Flipped Classroom: instructional efficency and impact of achievement and cognitive load levels,

Zeynep Turan, Yuksel Goktas
Read Statistic: 354

Examining the reading behaviours and performances of sixth-graders for reading instruction: evidence from eye movements

Or-Kan Soh
Read Statistic: 202

Situated Learning based on Virtual Environment for improving Disaster Risk Reduction

Jaime Caroca, Mario A. Bruno, Roberto G. Aldunate
Read Statistic: 204

Digital Competence for the improvement of Special Education Teaching

Giuseppa Compagno, Giuseppa Cappuccio, Francesca Pedone
Read Statistic: 316

Local and global Semantic Networks for the representation of music information

Adriano Baratè, Luca Andrea Ludovico
Read Statistic: 690

Integrating Fitts’ law in heuristical evalution checklist

Pasquale Ardimento, Nicola Boffoli, Vito Nicola Convertini, Michele Scalera
Read Statistic: 167

Interactive visual analytics on Big Data: Tableau vs D3.js

Lekha R Nair, Sujala D Shetty, Siddhanth D Shetty
Read Statistic: 589