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The 3is project at the University of Siena is devoted to the design of new artefacts for the support of learning activities. The key concepts that have inspired the design process are those of dialogical knowledge construction (DKC) and situated editing (SE) of content. DKC uses teacher/student and student/student dialogical interaction to facilitate the processes of exemplifi cation of concepts, negotiation of meaning, and shared production of content. SE is the real-time manipulation of educational assets during an educational event. The current prototype digitizes events during a live presentation delivered with common presentation software, producing a package of multimedia resources and a viewing interface that allows navigation of captured video and screenshots. The 3is prototype system is comprised of an Open Source learning management system for the distribution of course content, and a client application, which records the event and resources presented during a presentation. The captured output presents the presentation by dividing it into timeline blocks that represent each multimedia resource used by the instructor. Timeline cross-sections can be referenced as individual objects for later manipulation. The main objective of the 3is project is to improve the effectiveness of a learning activity by facilitating the application of the conceptual frameworks, achieved through the application of technology to an otherwise traditional lecture setting.

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Brunk, J., Caporali, M., & Rubegni, E. (2009). 3is: Enhancing Learning and Teaching Activity through the Manipulation of Objects. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 3(2).