Integrating Heterogeneous Data of Healthcare Devices to enable Domain Data Management

Antonella Carbonaro, Filippo Piccinini, Roberto Reda


The growth of data produced for example by IoT devices has playing a major role in developing healthcare applications able to effectiveness handle the vast amount of information. The challenge lies in representing volumes of data, integrating and understanding their various formats and sources. Cognitive computing systems offer promise for analysing, accessing, integrating, and investigating data in order to improve outcomes across many domains, including healthcare. This paper presents an ontology-based system for the eHealth domain. It provides semantic interoperability among heterogeneous IoT fitness and wellness devices and facilitates data integration and sharing. The novelty of the proposed approach lies in exploiting semantic web technologies to explicitly describe the meaning of sensor data and define a common communication strategy for information representation and exchange.


Cognitive Computing, IoT, eHealth, ontology, semantics

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