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This article expounds the legislative measures, regulations and initiatives pursued and implemented by the Prodi Government and, more specifically by, the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) with regard to Lifelong Learning. Specifically, the article summarizes the lifelong learning bill, the ministerial Guidelines on “University for Lifelong Learning”, and the measures adopted in Universities to foster the development of Lifelong Learning as part of their institutional tasks.The need for suitable collaboration and intergrational activities between the different education-training systes and the economic, productive and professional contexts is highlighted. The need to pursue the realization of lifelong learning systems organized typically on a regional basis, and categorized by productivity sector and professional profile is also identified. Finally, the article addresses the link between Lifelong Learning and e-Learning, and refers to the legislative measures related to the accreditation of distance learning courses and the system actions activities undertaken.


Lifelong Learning e-Learning training systems continuing professional development

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Federici, G., & Ragone, G. (2009). University and lifelong learning in Italy: policies and higher education and training systems integration. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 4(1).