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This article deals with the relationship between LifeLong Learning (LLL) and e-learning (eL). The point of view is that of University, which is inserted and called to act in a context characterized by a growing need for lifelong learning and by people’s progressive aging. This latter aspect is going to create important cultural and organizational changes in the management of “over 45″ workers. In the perspective of development of LLL, the university system is called to interact, in a more and more coordinated way, with other players: institutional bodies such as Government and Regions, representatives of the labour market, businesses, as well as individuals. In this panorama eL represents a lever with high potentials (a signifi cant example is the Web 2.0 world), but it needs to be developed and made known. Then this paper analyses two LLL projects carried out in eL modality, but with two different approaches, and it ends with some comparisons concerning their features and repeatability.


Lifelong learning e-learning University

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Colorni, A., Menon, S., & Ravarini, A. (2009). University for LifeLong Learnings. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 4(1).