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The rapid evolving of web technologies has brought to the increasingly diffusion of applications making the Web an interactive social network environment. The World Wide Web Consortium and several research centers are working on the integration of such technologies into the project of a Semantic Web. Consequently, e-learning systems and tools supporting instructional content design could take advantage of these advancements. In this scenario, according to a social-constructivist approach, the authors discuss the adoption of Semantic Wiki as a collaborative environment to design educational contents. The paper will outline the application perspectives and the strategies to adopt, in order to facilitate meaningful learning processes, and the potential advantages that Semantic Wikis would bring from the point of view of knowledge management, as well as for the re-use of learning resources.


learning content design collaborative learning semantic wiki semantic web

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Coccoli, M., Vercelli, G., & Vivanet, G. (2012). Semantic Wiki: a collaborative tool for instructional content design. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 8(2).