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The Inter-institutional Board on e-learning supply and demand (TRIeL) is an
institutional initiative aiming to establish an observatory on the adoption
of e-learning methodologies. The network of TRIeL is the starting point
for the development of a strategy able to support the dissemination of ICT
educational best practices. The article reports the activities undertaken by
the network, which has been working for some years on the promotion and
the spreading of e-learning methodologies. TRIeL not only aims to present the
state of the art of e-learning national practices, but it also aims to provide
policy makers with relevant information in order to guide a quality e-learning
system of supply and demand in the whole system of education and training,
by emphasizing the refections and results of a Delphi survey.
Refections on the applications of e-learning and its strategic role in education
are related to the contribution of the European policies concerning the
objectives of development, based on strengthening and integrating education
and training, focusing in particular on the reasons for action in national politics


education quality innovation

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Vaiasicca, A. (2010). T.R.I.e.L., a national partnership for monitoring and promoting e-Learning. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 6(2).