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The present article suggests an operational model for monitoring together with the tools used for an effective monitoring activity of vocational training paths delivered in the form of blended e-learning. The target group was made up of by high and medium level professionals working in regional and local Public Administrations. The model has been applied to the MarchE-Learning project carried out by the Vocational Training School of the Marche Region. The authors acted as referees for the methodological and operational aspects of monitoring and evaluation. The activities designed and carried out, the implementation of prompt corrective action and the lessons learnt through the experience suggest the proposal of this model as well as the formulation of suggestions and recommendations for a possible, future use in similar contexts.


Monitoring and evaluation Operational model Qualitative and quantitative analysis Vocational training Public administration

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Leo, T., Da Lio, E., & Pennacchietti, M. (2010). An operational model for monitoring to guarantee quality and efficacy to e-learning training courses in the Public Administration – The MarchE-Learning project experience. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 6(3).