The Lifelong Learning in the University: Learning Networks and Knowledge Transferring

Pasquale Ardimento, Nicola Boffoli, Vito Nicola Convertini, Giuseppe Visaggio


Practitioners must continually update their skills to align their professional profile to market needs and social organizations in which they live, both characterized by extreme variability and volatility.
In this scenario, Universities, the traditional Institution for the knowledge transferring, assume the role of an institution dedicated to lifelong learning.
However the lifelong learning highlights several issues that make it unsuitable to the university instructional models.
In order to face this problem the authors propose to use a Learning Network model integrating a Knowledge Base Experience (Prometheus) to support distribution of contents and to the enhancement knowledge transferring.
The results of an empirical experimentation encourage their adoption in real contexts.


Lifelong learning, Knowledge Experience Base, Prometheus, Learning Network, Technology transfer

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