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This paper is constituted by two rather distinct sections: in the fi rst section we will summarize the overall situation of standards and formats applied to develop an «Exchange Platform» for Learning Objects, educational material and courseware. In the second section we will describe our activities in progress to implement an experimental CourseWare portal based on Plone and EduCommons. Specifi cally we report our activities of Plone products testing within the EduCommons platform and the developing of a couple of specifi c tools, «KMap Semantic Search» that should support Semantic queries on the courseware modules and «Web-Learning Object Reviewing
tool» that should enable a web-assisted peer-reviewing activity in a «multi-body-multiportal» academic environment.
Our goal is to produce a model of such a tool and to prototype it on EduCommons, a Learning Management System based on the Python/Zope/Plone stack, that recently made its appearance in the university environment; thanks to the development effort of the Utah State University, it is available
under GPL-style license.
Within the framework of the EduCommons initiative, we plan to experiment «Object reviewing» in collecting, classifying, and distributing reusable Learning Objects, in order to allow the end-user to build his/her own paths of investigation on a selected subject.

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Lariccia, P., Lariccia, S., & Toffoli, G. (2012). piattaforme di scambio per i Learning Object e implementazione di un repository sul modello OpenCour. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 2(3).