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The paper firstly reports the results of psycho-pedagogical research about ICT effects on learning and knowledge development in individuals and communities of practice; a special attention has been devoted to processes and models describing knowledge growing and evolution in learning organizations.
Furthermore the experiences the author made while cooperating with M. Palma, professor of Latin paleography, and the information systems he planned and carried out for research and teaching in that discipline are described.
The use of the above instruments proved very useful for improving students’ performances with respect to traditional teaching strategies and suggested new hypotheses for ICT use in education, while confirming well known results on communities of learners. They especially strengthened the author’s idea of the need of integrating ICT in common teaching-learning processes and suggested the introduction of a further element in the SECI model on knowledge evolution in learning organizations.

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Cartelli, A. (2012). TIC, comunità di apprendimento e modelli di sviluppo della conoscenza. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 1(1).