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In order to focus the emergent problem in present applications of Knowledge Management (KM) systems, the author in this essay starts from a KM definition to be shared, and then focuses on a possible solution of the weak points of centralized systems: the peer to peer approach. This analysis gives the possibility to single out a very interesting development area for a particular kind of distributed KM, the so called info-learn, located between the e-publishing area and the e-learning area. In the info-learn systems the single knowledge unities (either learning objects or info-pills)
feed a data base in which each knowledge object has different kinds of edited contents (from simple and short multimedia presentations up to complex hypertexts and interactive deep texts), and can be approached by user according to his specific demands, as for first emotional approach and/or for deepening: not only anywhere and anytime, but also in the
shape and complexity he needs in that particular moment of his work or life. To reach this aim, an absolutely necessary publishing tool is the stratification of texts at variable levels of complexity and interactivity.
Wireless technologies (WiFi and last generation mobile disposals) and natural language based research-engines are the fundamental catalysts for the development of info-learn. In the second part of the essays, some real cases developed by Sfera Enel are discussed.

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Eletti, V. (2012). Dai limiti attuali del knowledge management alle nuove potenzialità degli ambienti info-learn. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 1(1).