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The Pocodima Project (POsitive COnflict and DIfferences MAnagement) has had the burden and the merit to tackle two particularly «hot» socially impacting issues: conflict mediation and service accessibility for any final user (specifically, multimedia didactical contents). Co-financed with Socrates–Minerva funds, the project has received the contributions from ten organizations from six European countries.
The project was aimed at trainers, front-office operators, adult learners, including disabled people. Its purpose was to offer conceptually and emotionally effective tools for positive conflict and differences management, using new technologies and interactive, reusable didactical modules. One of the objectives of the project was to create the self-training course on CD-Rom, «Pocodima: Positive Conflict and Differences Management».
The course had to be accessible to people affected by
several types of physical disabilities, according Wai-W3C3
Consortium standards (which sometimes are all too rigid). The present article describes the solutions adopted to convert the static nature typical of accessible products into interactive and dynamic simulation-based products using the Must© didactical method.

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Filosa, G., & Gaglini, F. (2012). Pocodima: An Example of an Accessible Simulation-based Self-training Tool. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 1(1).