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In the 2003-2004 we began the experimentation of CMS Moodle in SSIS Umbria to integrate the didactic activity face to face. This fi rst experience has been realized with the disciplines of «Didattica Generale», «Didattica Multimediale» e «Tecnologie dell’Istruzione» by the professor F. Falcinelli and her assistant C. Laici. These are disciplines of the cross-sectional area to which are enrolled the students of all the addresses of the SSIS, approximately 250 persons.
The high enrolled number made a diffi cult task to deepen the lessons, and to interact with the teacher and the tutor. In this fi rst phase the participation of the students was free. For the teacher and the tutor was fundamental to know the CMS Moodle and its tools. The experienced activities have been: loading of the study documents, signalling of net resources which link, activation of a «forum news» for the communications to the students, submission of tasks and exercises that the students could complete and send independently to the on-line platform. In the 2004-2005 we have realized a more articulated course. The registration to the courses was obligatory, because the on-line activity realization allowed to mature credits. In this second phase the on-line tutor has assumed «moderator» role of the forum. We have been activated «web-forum», «forum news», a «free chat» for every course, study documents, and a «wiki». In this year we want to involve the school teachers in a cooperative plan with students

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Falcinelli, F., & Laici, C. (2012). Esperienza di blended learning con Moodle nella SSIS Umbria. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 2(2).