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Blended learning is a recurring topic in educational and training systems, but very often we stumble upon cases of poor integration of training classes, e-learning activities and coaching on the job sessions.
The interactive whiteboard allows a strong integration of disparate training materials, both online and offl ine. In this article we intend to highlight uses and benefi ts of the interactive whiteboard in a schooling environment.
We are going to describe a project related to teaching and learning art history using multimedia technologies, then we will point out the requirements that learning objects have to meet in order to be consistent with this new medium.
Since the use of interactive technologies touch also the corporate learning, we will outline the use of interactive whiteboard in a business environment.
In the corporate world the need of a bridge between classroom learning and online resources is an urgent issue, considering the need to improve the training effectiveness and to capitalize on e-learning investments.


digital game-based learning digital identity multi-user virtual environments role playing

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Campi, A., & Pieraccini, L. (2012). Blended learning attraverso l’utilizzo della lavagna interattiva multimediale. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 3(3).