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Topic Maps are a methodology whose aim is describing knowledge structures and associating them with information resources. XML Topic Maps (XTM) is an XML-based encoding scheme to represent topic maps and similar knowledge structures (e.g. semantic networks, associative networks, concept maps, mind maps, etc.).
In this paper Topic Maps and XTM are proposed as a knowledge representation system to be exploited in e-learning environments for a suited integration with semantic web technologies. They may be a useful tool to facilitate the design of learning contents and their delivery in diverse contexts. After a short survey of the Topic Maps standardization process, in this paper key elements and characteristics of TM and XTM paradigm are described. Then it is briefly discussed about Topic Maps applications in e-learning context and also a short survey of related works is presented.


Topic Maps XTM semantic web e-learning learning objects learning design

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Adorni, G., Coccoli, M., Vercelli, G., & Vivanet, G. (2012). Topic Maps e XTM per l’e-learning. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 3(3).