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This study investigated the relationship between student learning expectation via online communication tools, student intrinsic motivation to attend online courses and student mastery goal orientation, and outcomes such as desire to attend online courses and preference for online courses. Student learning expectation was operationalized as perception of usefulness of online communication tools to learn. Intrinsic motivation was operationalized as perception of online courses as more interesting, more challenging, and more exacting than traditional courses. Mastery goal orientation was operationalized as orientation toward learning and understanding, developing new skills. Resuts showed that learning expectations play an important role in predicting outcomes, intrinsic motivation mediated partially the relationship between espectations and outcomes, and goal orientation was related only to preference for online courses. Educational importance was discussed.


e-learning demand motivation learning expectations goal orientation

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Mattana, V. (2012). L’analisi della domanda di e-learning in un contesto universitario italiano. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 3(3).