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Previous feedback research has shown its limitation – students were unable to receive feedback after school hours for their assignments. In this study, mobile Applications (m-Apps) dialogic feedback was used to enhance and improve weak students’ writing tasks. Students were able to stay in contact with their instructors after school hours for feedback. Informal learning theory was use as the theoretical framework to design the research. Twenty students participated in this study. The outcomes of the research have shown that students were in favour of using m-Apps to provide feedback to students. However, students were not adapted to continuous correction for the contents. They were bored and sometimes confused with their work. Future research can focus on the influence of sociocultural aspect in giving m-Apps dialogic feedback to students’ writing tasks.


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O-K, S., & Hong-Fa, H. (2014). Students’ Perceptions Towards the Use of Dialogic Feedback in Mobile Applications for Students’ Writing: A Qualitative Case Study. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 10(3).