Eduonto: an ontology for Educational Assessment

Antonio Marzano, Achille M. Notti


The search for possible applications in the field of Education, by means of domain specific ontologies on the issues of assessment of learning (assessment) and system (evaluation), has been implemented through the construction, testing and evolution of an integrated learning environment called EduOntoWiki. It is supported by ontological structures related to science education based on active consent of specific communities of practice. It allows selecting and incorporating the ontologies in order to organize learning objects to improve learning process. It is created as a setting in which they had the relevant formal descriptions (coding ontology) and informal (and narrative contextualization of concepts); where the possible intra-and inter-community relations were made explicit and recognized by all participants through specific social software. The last point in particular, has led to our hypothesis: only the transition from a technology-driven model (formal, static) to a community-driven model (dynamic and integrated in an open learning environment) could make really effective and relevant the ontologies that we built in several communities of practice. Therefore, the final goal was the realization of an integrated learning environment attempting the difficult transition from an “ontological-formal” system to an “ontological-relational” one.


learning; ontologies; semantic representation; Web 2.0

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