Measuring Learner’s Subject Specific Knowledge

John Girard, Tina Ashford, Pedro Colón


This was the second phase in a research project designed to compare student achievement in online and face-to-face classes. The aim of this phase was to determine if online and face-to-face students demonstrate different levels of knowledge in six distinct subject areas. For each of the six areas the means for 10 sections of students, collected over a five-year period, were plotted to visually review the results. Following the visual check, a two-sample t-test between proportions, assuming unequal variances, was performed to determine whether there was a significant difference between the samples with respect to the level of assessment scores earned. There was not a significant difference in the means of the online and face-to-face students. However two subjects warrant additional research: first is production where there was a significant difference at the .10 critical alpha level (p=0.085) and second is finance where the means were close to being significant at the .10 critical alpha level (p=0.104).


Online Education, Higher Education, Capstone

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