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Algorithms and data structure is considered as an important course in computer science where students have to learn several fundamental principles of programming. Where many tools have been developed to aid learning programming this work tries to represent the domain knowledge of programming that can be used easily and efficiently by these tools. AlgoSkills is an ontology of algorithmic skills that represents this domain knowledge and developed to be used in any pedagogical task and essentially in the organization of learning resources. A first experience has been conducted to use this ontology to build a basis of algorithmic exercises semantically and pedagogically structured. This basis is initially exploited by Algo+, an assessment tool of algorithmic competencies.


Ontology skills algorithmic Learning resources Semantic organization Semantic indexing

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Belhaoues, T. E., Bensebaa, T., Abdessemed, M., & Bey, A. (2016). AlgoSkills: an ontology of Algorithmic Skills for exercises description and organization. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 12(1).