Training professors in ICT: Personal Learning Environments. A grounded theory research study

Cristina Henning Manzuoli, Hugo Alexander Rozo García, Yasbley Segovia Cifuentes


The objective of this study is to recommend a training plan for teachers in the Department of Nursing and Rehabilitation that develops the competencies necessary for the educational integration of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in teaching and learning processes. The study was conducted with qualitative tools, beginning with a questionnaire that identified ICT competencies. Professors were able to develop reflection processes regarding their pedagogical practice that resulted in designing learning strategies centred on the student with the support of ICTs. The competencies developed by the professors allowed them to continue exploring the pedagogical technological tools available, that is, taking into consideration the learning objectives that are expected to be reached in the courses and subjects suggested. Personal learning environments served as mediating factors in the development of the professors’ competencies and as a mechanism for continuing with the training process.


teacher training, computer-mediated communication, interactive learning environments, teaching learning strategies, higher education

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