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The pedagogy of subject-oriented faculty members is usually marked by spontaneousness acquired fi rst as a student and later on as a teacher. Teachers hardly ever have the opportunity to approach instructional design methodologies. While in the case of traditional classroom activities this limit can be ignored, it cannot when a teacher chooses to adopt Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) strategies. The WEL initiative, carried out within the project Unirete, is aimed both at experimenting the adoption by faculty members of an Instructional Design model, and at detecting correlations among the type of subject matter and the selected TEL approach. This paper describes the model applied within WEL initiative and early considerations on its results and further developments.


faculty members training ICT pedagogical use technology enhanced learning higher education e-learning

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Puddu, F., Repetto, M., & Vallarino, E. (2009). The WEL initiative: a model of web enhanced learning for faculty members. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 4(3).