Campus We-Com. University students attitude towards didactical innovation

Maria Cinque, Claudio Pensieri


The Campus We-Com (Wireless Educational Communities) project was carried out at Campus Bio-Medico University in 2007 and proved the usefulness of wireless networks in University environment to enhance students learning and to support teachers work. The ubiquitous availability of wireless network coverage has encouraged communication and information exchange, thus enabling the creation of communities of practice, composed by students, residents and tutors. We asked students to fill in a questionnaire before and after the project, in order to evaluate their attitude towards technology. The data gathered were useful to create different paths for the different courses, fixing goals and strategies to achieve them with teachers and tutors. Besides the theme of wireless networks in University, during the project we investigated on various areas of technological and didactical interest: LMS (Learning Management System) to support teaching, students attitude towards innovation, teachers training to the use of technology, teachers strategies for the best use of technology. From the project outcomes we elaborated some guidelines for future projects, which could be useful for the replication of the project in different universities.


learning community; sharing innovation; technology enhanced learning; mobile learning

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