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This study investigates interactional leadership in Teletandem conversations, in which two speakers communicate employing instant messaging and VoIP software (e.g. Skype), each alternately using her L2, i.e. the partner's native language. The research focuses on the impact of language competence (native/non-native) and content expertise (familiarity with the topic at hand) on the role assumed by each interlocutor in structuring conversation. The subjects are four female university student volunteers forming two Teletandem pairs. Two participants were Italian native speakers, one was a native speaker (L1) of English and one a native German speaker. For each pair, video-recorded and transcribed data were collected during 3 different meetings, in two of which the L2 speakers chose the topic for conversation. Findings show that L2 partners have the opportunity to manage the conversation in terms of topic initiatives and interaction space and L1 speakers produce more topic moves and leave L2 partners to practice the target language during long turns.

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Leone, P. (2012). Leadership in multimodal computer-mediated second language communication for reciprocal learning. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 8(3).