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The focus of this paper is on the importance of preparing teachers for inclusive education through the acquisition of disciplinary competencies and integrated and strategic use of educational technology. The inclusion is a crucial part of the school at the base of the principle of equal opportunities. The paper analyze the use of ICT in the italian scenario – to support the learning of learners with disabilities and special educational needs in inclusive settings within the compulsory school sector. The Article 40 of the Salamanca Framework for Action indicates “Appropriate preparation of all educational personnel stands out as a key factor in promoting progress towards inclusive schools”. This means that teachers need to learn the strategies to promote diversity and inclusion strategies in a learning environment for all students, including students with special needs to grow.


Inclusion Teacher education Special Needs Education

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Dipace, A. (2013). Inclusive education: strategies and opportunities for preparing teachers through the use of ICT in the Italian compulsory school. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 9(2).