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The application of technology-based solutions in the world of education has been a “hot topic” for more than a decade. In particular, e-learning systems represent one of the most significant and emblematic applications that have been used. This paper – with a clear focus on the higher sector of education, i.e. university and post-university environments - aims to make a step back and understand whether new technologies (mainly the Internet and web-based applications) as well as changing expectations of learners require a re-framing of the e-learning phenomenon. First results of a research on how students perceive e-learning (adoption intentions, success factors and usage obstacles) seem to confirm the need of a clear understanding of the factors that may truly drive a successful e-learning initiative in higher education contexts.


E-learning Learning Higher education Technology-enhanced learning Technology

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Caporarello, L., & Sarchioni, G. (2014). E-learning: the recipe for success. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 10(1).