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The creation of learning content is a main task in any E-learning environment. The constraints of minimizing the time required for developing a learning content and for increasing its scientific quality, have been a principal aim, in the last decade. Thus, several approaches and methods were proposed to reach this aim. Moreover, the intellectual and social characteristics, as well as the learning styles of individuals, can be very different. These differences lead persons to adapt the learning content by taking into account the learners profiles and their objectives. It is indispensable to annotate the learning content using additional information about the learner and the learning content. Therefore, we develop a cooperative system, where several authors work in a cooperative manner, to create and edit educational content using multi-agent system. The contribution of our system is the hybridization of adaptation techniques with those of cooperation and indexing (annotation) of the learning content to meet the diversity and individual needs of the learners.


E-learning Shared editor Meta data Educational Content indexing of documents Computer Supported Collaborative Work XML.

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Bourekkache, S., Kazar, O., Benharkat, N., & Kahloul, L. (2014). A cooperative multi-agent approach for the creation and annotation of adaptive content for E-learning. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 10(1).