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Nowadays there is an increasing need to integrate information from many sources in order to meet several kinds of urgencies. They come from both institutional stakeholders, who want to evaluate the performance of the organisation, and from citizens, who ask for more transparency.
The adoption of a software infrastructure, based on a data warehouse and a collaborative balanced scorecard, aimed at making the editing of social reports faster and more easily shared, has been the first step to fulfill these needs in an integrated manner.
Apart from technological issues, this experience has been an opportunity to make explicit the tacit knowledge inside the organisation and has prepared the ground for near future development in the field of decision support systems and advanced data mining applications.


Balance Scorecard Systems Data Mining Social Reporting Open Data

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Bentivoglio, C. A., D’antini, G., Gison, G., & Giusepponi, K. (2014). Data warehouse, reporting and stakeholder engagement. Achievements of the University of Macerata. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 10(2).