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The impact of the developments and popularity of mobile and wireless technology has given new direction for e-learning known as m-learning. The proper assessment of the learners’ readiness to appear for placements merits attention at all levels in the learning system. Self-assessment is an important part in the learning process of the students to ensure their level of knowledge in the subjects as expected before going for interview and to decide the area to be concentrated more. In this paper, we propose mTeacher, a mobile-based self assessment system to assess the knowledge level of learners in their area of interest and to assist by giving feedback. The major objective of this study is to propose a framework and to evaluate the system and to explore the level of learners’ acceptance towards the system. In this study the five factors (result of the learners, satisfaction level of learners, convenience of learners, feedback about skill level, assisting the learner) are investigated whether they have positive influence on mTeacher or not. The feedbacks of both teachers and learners were highly motivating.


m-learning mTeacher Smart Environment

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V Senthil kumaran, PSG College of Technology

V. Senthil Kumaran received his MSc in Computer Science from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, India. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor (SG) at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India. Since 2008, he is working towards his PhD in Computer Science from the Faculty of Science and Humanities, PSG College of Technology. His research is focused on semantic web, data mining, intelligent information retrieval and e-learning.
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Senthil kumaran, V. (2015). mTeacher: a tool for self assessment and providing personalized assistance to m- learners: a framework and evaluation. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 11(1).