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The Learning Objects (LO) model has been around for ten years. Despite the lack of a commonly accepted definition, the LO paradigm still depicts great initial expectations and a few unresolved problems. The debate around the pedagogic neutrality, the search of the right level of granularity and the discussion about the lack of an accurate and easy way to use the system to define metadata are briefly introduced. Recent works try to show how uses of LOs can also be made in collaborative learning activities and, more generally, in learning activities, grounded in Constructivistic learning theory. The main idea is to reuse, not only the content, but also the instructional strategies that guide the choice and the use of the LOs.In that case, we define them as Learning Activities rather than LOs.Furthemore, new developments in the Semantic Web area offer new opportunities for learners and teachers, through various systems such as resource profiles and distributed repositories.

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Fini, A., & Vanni, L. (2012). Problematiche non risolte e nuove prospettive dei Learning Object. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 1(1).