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At the recent SIe-L Congress, researchers and teachers from over thirty
Italian Universities presented initiatives in the field of e-learning. On the
basis of these contributions, we can state that most Universities in Italy have
recently developed activities in this field or are planning to do so.
Apart from local experiences, does an «e-learning strategy exist for all
Italian Universities»? And what should the University do in view of the newly-
established «on-line Universities» (should traditional universities follow this
model or go a different way)?
In order to draw some concise guidelines so as to include e-learning in a
more organic manner in the Italian University context, we propose herewith to focus on three main dimensions: the «concept of e-learning» (specifying
what we mean and what we can expect of it), the «institutional mechanics»
(making the organizational machine run efficiently), and the «scenario»
(clarifying up aims and possible pursuable paths).
Currently, the blended solution is the reference scenario for the Italian
University system. Yet, this concept needs to be better described, analysed
and supported by an adequate organizational and normative reference
framework, shared by Academia.

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Calvani, A. (2012). E-learning nell’Università: quale strada percorrere?. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 1(3).

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