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This work proposes the definition of an Adaptive Conversation-based Learning System (ACLS) able to foster computer-mediated tutorial dialogues at the workplace in order to increase the probability to generate meaningful learning during conversations. ACLS provides a virtual assistant generating adaptive feedbacks, in the form of recommendations, for the conversation partners. The concepts extracted from the conversation texts trigger the recommendations, while queries on the organizational knowledge, represented by means of Semantic Web technologies, generate their content. Lastly, the Fuzzy Formal Concept Analysis is exploited to conceptualize domain knowledge.


workplace learning adaptive feedback conversation based learning conversation partners organizational knowledge semantic web

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Granito, A., Mangione, G. R., Miranda, S., Orciuoli, F., & Ritrovato, P. (2014). Adaptive Feedback Improving Learningful Conversations at Workplace. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 10(1).