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Museum narratives are created from a conceptualization of events that can be structurally organized and referred to as the story. Therefore, the main process of developing a museum narrative is one of story-building. This paper presents a methodology to enrich the creation of stories for digital storytelling. The methodology is at the basis of a smart authoring system that supports authors of digital storytelling in the identification of contents from external repositories and their automatic mapping on different narrative structures, according to syntactic and semantic rules and well- defined narrative structures. Furthermore, the methodology leverages on semantic models and technologies such as ontologies, clustering and text analysis, and supports the development of a smart environment for creation of stories starting from a set of pictures. We have validated our methodology for a specific narrative structure, i.e. the Dramatic Arc, for the creation of an educational storytelling related to the museum exhibition about Second World War.


Digital storytelling adaptive education ontologies cultural heritage

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Gaeta, A., Gaeta, M., Guarino, G., & Miranda, S. (2015). A smart methodology to improve the story-building process. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 11(1).