IntroOpenEd 2007: an experience on Open Education by a virtual community of teachers

Antonio Fini, Andreas Formiconi, Alessandro Giorni, Nuccia Silvana Pirruccello, Elisa Spadavecchia, Emanuela Zibordi


In Fall 2007 David Wiley, professor at Utah State University held a course about Open Education. That time, however, Dr Wiley’s course was followed by a rather unusual group of students. The Fall 2007 edition, in fact, was available to anybody, free of charge, all over the world. The only requisite required was the possession of a blog for the completion of the weekly assignments. The present paper, whose authors attended the course completing it successfully, is an account of the experience they had. It can be considered an innovating experience from many different viewpoints and can be regarded as an example of how the world of the formal education can meet the demands of the informal one, in the broader landscape of professional training and lifelong learning.


OER; Open Education; online community; informal learning

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