Learning Environment With Elements Of Artificial Intelligence

Pier Giuseppe Rossi


The paper describes an innovative approach to implement, on existing LMS platforms, e-learning functionalities based on artificial intelligence (AI). The paper illustrates the characteristics of a Learning Management System (LMS) in which it is possible to activate such an action, the KM contribution and the architecture and the role of AI. Besides, there will be identified those dispositifs that take part in the design (authoring tools), in the knowledge building and in the monitoring in order to support the project team work and the activities of the Learning Entities1 (LE). The innovative aspect consists in the architecture and the functionality of AI that dont aim at replacing the teacher/tutor but at supporting him/her in the designing phase, in the monitoring and the redesigning of advanced paths which lead to a conscious learning and to knowledge building activities. Besides the presented model is not subject-oriented and can be used in different disciplinary fields.


LMS; AI; KM; learning; teaching

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20368/1971-8829/306

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