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In this paper the authors present two software solutions, developed in the context of the Business Experiment in GRID project (BEinGRID), and discuss on their applicability in the creation and management of distributed collaborative learning environments. In particular, the presented solutions are deemed useful to complete the current tools for the creation and management of these environments by addressing gaping issues like trust management and ensuring quality of service.
The software solutions have been validated in the context of a concrete case study related to the creation of a collaborative environment to support the execution and provision of Massive Multiplayer Online Games. As a case study, this paper will provide a description of the way the presented solutions can be applied to create collaborative learning environments, like for example the Virtual Learning Community defned in the context of the European Learning Grid Infrastructure project.


Virtual Learning Community Collaborative Learning Environment Technology Enhanced Learning

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Gaeta, A., Gaeta, M., Grieco, C., & Paolozzi, S. (2009). Grid based software solutions to manage the lifecycle of collaborative learning environments. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 5(3).