Competence Management in e-Learning Systems: a possible approach

Giuseppina Rita Mangione, Francesco Orciuoli, Anna Pierri, Saverio Salerno


The need expressed by the single individual in a lifelong learning context is to have a personalized training able to facilitate the reaching of specifc competences, to take into account not only the knowledge but also the sector-based skills. This explication has led the Polo di Eccellenza L&K research group to defne an innovative Competence management model. This model has been obtained from an extension of the Knowledge Model used by the e-learning platform Intelligent Web Teacher. It is, in fact, the result of the combination of the Domain ontology, underlying the IWT Knowledge Model, with an Application ontology according to the meaning used by Paquette (2007) in his vision.


Personalised Learning; Competences Learning Object; Skill

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